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Booem Birthcards
kroontje vouw bloemen hoedje van papier vliegertje geboorte bootje


The birth of a baby is such a special moment that only a very special card is good enough to mark the occasion. Amsterdam based designers and publishers 'Booem Birthcards' offers a collection of the most unique birth announcements available like the one and only Crown, a folding Boat, a Kite, Matryoshka and a Delftblue Kiss.

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The (abbreviated) English language version of our website is currently under construction. The menu items on the left will take you to the corresponding chapters in the Dutch language website. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

Order a sample Birthcard or drop us a line.

Order a max. of 2 sample birthcards from the Booem collection free of charge. Clicking the link will take you to the English language order form.

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